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Csi effect dissertation

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Csi effect dissertation how to write an academic cv for phd application

This is a short preview of the document. This leads to prosecutors addressing these expectations through voir dire and manipulation tactics, and can lead to role strain.

Through the research I build on existing literature and look to further expand the scope in which the CSI Effect is viewed. While this supports existing literature suggesting cxi the CSI Effect creates expectations and can lead to wrongful acquittals, my research focuses on how the CSI Effect affects not only the jury, but the attorneys as well. Crime Scene Investigation and other shows involving crime and the legal system Shelton, ; Tyler, Investigating the "CSI Effect": Exploring the CSI Effect: By employing semi-structured, in-depth interviews, I explore how the CSI Effect is impacting the courtroom from the perspective of the prosecution and judges.

This Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by the Graduate unrealistic. Exploring the CSI Effect: A Qualitative Study of the Effects and Impact of

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